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What’s great about computers today and good virtualization software is that you can do more with less.

However, I continue to pick areas where I need as much or more hardware on the road with me. While the promise of the cloud and Internet in general is great. I can’t always count on reliable connectivity back to my servers. And since I tend to do demo heavy talks, I’m forced to travel with a fair amount of kit.

For Tech Ed 2011 in Atlanta, I’m doing an all-day workshop on virtualization for developers and two sessions. The sessions can be fulfilled with just one of my W510s. My workshop however, demands a bit more.

So, what am I packing?

  • Two Lenovo W510s
  • Two Intel 160 GB Gen2 SSD in external cases over eSata to W510s
  • One Lenovo X61
  • One 8-port HP Switch with VLAN support
  • One DLINK 4-port router
  • One QNAP TS-259 Pro+

This configuration will let me show Hyper-V Live Migration as well as run a full Visual Studio 2010 Lab Management demo domain with a DC, SCVMM host, TFS, Build, Developer, and Tester machines and of course a Hyper-V host to run lab machines.

Hope to see you there!

[Edit] Fixed bulleted list.

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Brian A. Randell is a Partner with MCW Technologies, LLC. Brian is also currently a Visual Studio ALM MVP.

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